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Prenatal massage helped me tremendously through my third trimester of my third pregnancy. While suffering major hip and neck pain, the massages would relieve al major tension. Christina is amazing at knowing exactly what to do to help my body release pressure and make my pregnancy durable. Also, the positioning of my pregnant belly was very comfortable and relaxing. I highly recommend her prenatal massage to anyone expecting. It helps with both the physical and emotional changes.



Prenatal massage is a very beneficial and healing touch that helps your body prepare for the many changes that occur during pregnancy. Christina provides a stress free and enjoyable environment as she works the tension out, allowing your body to fully relax. These massages also help increase circulation that decreases due to the swelling that comes along with pregnancy.


I love how these massages are not only feel-good, but also healing!



I LOVE Christina at Old Remedies! She is always so kind, caring, and makes you feel so comfortable. She is one of the greatest message therapists I know and seems to always make any kind of pain go away almost instantly.
She was a great member of my "team" when I was in labor with my first and was there for me to support me and help me feel as comfortable as possible through even the most intense part of labor.
I recommend Old Remedies Message to anyone and everyone. Book an appointment with her now because she's awesome!! You won't regret it!



To Anyone Who Has Tried It All,
Headaches and neck pain were a daily part of my life for far too long. I tried everything: chiropractic, P.T., massage, acupuncture, specialists, medicine, etc. Most of those things would work...for a day...but I'd be right back where I was the next day. I was going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week at times, just to get relief.
I was telling my boss about it once. He said "you HAVE to give Christina a chance--she can fix it!" I figured I had nothing to lose. He called her up and put me on the phone and I made an appointment.
He was absolutely right. Christina combined my answers to her basic health survey and my pain goals, and knew right away what she'd need to do to relieve the pain. Not only that, she showed me what I can do to manage my own pain--finally, somebody who cares more about me than the money I was paying! For the first time in years, I had no headaches for 2 weeks straight!
I cannot give a high enough regard for Christina's ability to find the root source of the pain, and to relieve it without causing further pain. She is hands-down the only one I go to when my pain starts to come back, and each time I visit, it takes longer for the pain to come back. 
My boss said he only has to go a couple times a year because of how effective she is. I've had years of these pains, so I'm patient that my body is not to that point yet, but I look forward to when I am! I know Christina will be able to get me there!

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