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Massage Therapy
More Information on Pain Patterns and Solutions

Enjoy your pregnancy through massage therapy.


Christina has been specifically trained in pregnancy massage. You will be taken care of and safe. Christina has 15 years of experience doing prenatal massage and four children of her own.


Pain Levels of 7-10

Pain Levels of 4-7

Pain Levels of 0-4

Creating the Greatest Change!

This type of massage therapy is a combination of deep relaxation and erasing any pains that are bothering you.


You will benefit from this type of massage most if you have a moderate pain level but find your stress levels controlling your day to day life. You get the pain management you are looking for and a deep sense of relaxation you mind has been longing for.


Get relief from:

     Daily Stress

     Family or Kids Stress

     Headaches or Pressure

     Mild Low Back Pain

     Sore or Achy Muscles

     Sleeping Problems


Try a stress relief massage, it's just what your mind and body need!


Our facility can bill your auto insurance company for massage therapy from a recent accident. 


Everyone who is in an accident comes away with different injuries, even if they are in the same accident. As seen in the diagram below, these two people were in the same auto injury. Why did they walk away with very different injuries? This is because of their health history. They can be set up for the new injury.


I will evaluate what is currently going on in their body and help the body heal by helping it find balance.


This type of massage is for those with little or no pain. It is deep relaxation for the whole body. There is little or no therapy with this type of massage, just relaxation.


As the aromatherapy oils and lotions soak into your skin, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation. Your mind will wander as your body relaxes and you find a peace of mind you do not usually experience.


This type of massage is to help sooth and relax you. Take some time for yourself or get a gift card for someone who needs to take a break. I always say the busiest people I know are the one who need a massage the most.

This type of massage is a different way of looking at the body. I use your health history form to decide which of your old injuries are still keeping your body from balancing.


This type of massage helps with:

    Chronic Pain

    Chronic Headaches

    Unresolved Back, Neck, Or Shoulder Pain

    New Injuries

    Old Injuries


I the chart below this person came in with left knee pain. They didn't hurt their knee. It just started bothering them and now it's getting worse.


I take their health history into account to see where the force of scar tissue from an old injury would change the knee itself. This person has old tailbone injury and an old big toe injury. The force of torque between the two old injuries creates the pain in the knee. Once I take the pressure off the big toe and the tailbone the pressure in the knee goes away.

Auto Injury





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